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Top Message

The RIZAP Group envisions becoming the No.1 global brand in the personal development industry, an industry committed to making lives healthier and brighter. Our mission is to continue providing products and services that attract people around the world.

Because our business is aligned with the basic human desire to “live happier and shine”, it is rapidly growing in diverse areas from our beauty and health-food mail order business, selling hit products like DOROwa, to our recently established RIZAP Golf business.

In the personal development industry, we support people’s desire to change. This includes customers’ efforts to expand their potential, build their confidence and create a brighter future. The success of our customers confirms and proclaims our “People can change” message.

We also continuously strive to offer apparel, home lifestyle products and entertainment services that support our “People can change” message in new ways. Our commitment to providing true value is your assurance that we will refrain from selling mass-consumed substitutable commodities.

Toward this end, we are actively pursuing various management themes including collaboration with the medical industry, expansion overseas, synergy with group companies, strengthening of corporate governance, the reallocation of group resources and flexible restructuring.

By teaming up with companies possessing diverse values, cultures and strengths, and sharing each other’s strengths while compensating for each other’s weaknesses, we create new value with astonishing speed.

We believe our greatest investments are the recruitment and training of human resources, and the development of a culture that nurtures those resources.

Confident that companies loved by customers succeed in the end, we will continue to boldly tackle every challenge that comes our way.

Takeshi Seto

Representative Director, President

RIZAP Group Corporate Philosophy

We prove that
“people can change.”

Everyone has an image of their ideal self.
Regardless of age or status, we all wish to become better people.
At RIZAP, we are convinced that anyone can become their ideal self.
We are passionately committed to helping customers meet their goals.
By tackling challenges with customers, we also change ourselves.
“Can people really change?”
We are conquering skepticism and proving the answer is “Yes!”

Company Overview

Company name
Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand Tower 36F, 8-17-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 160-0023
April 10, 2003 (Company name changed from Kenkou Corporation, Inc. on July 1, 2016)
19.2 billion yen
Directors and Managing Officers
  • Takeshi Seto, Representative Director, President
  • Koji Mukae, Director
  • Takayuki Kamaya, Director
  • Tetsu Shiota, Director
  • Tsutomu Fujita, Director
  • Masahiro Matsuoka, Director
  • Shoji Otani, Director and Audit Committee member
  • Toshihisa Adachi, Director and Audit Committee member
  • Aiko Tojo, Director and Audit Committee member
  • Masayoshi Naito, Senior Managing Officer
  • Masato Mori, Senior Managing Officer
  • Shinji Iwamoto, Senior Managing Officer
  • Toru Hasegawa, Senior Managing Officer
  • Tetsuo Kozai, Managing Officer
  • Masaatsu Hirakawa, Managing Officer
  • Masami Atarashi, Advisor
  • Kunio Nihira, Advisor
Major businesses
Plan and execute the Group’s medium- and long-term management strategies, support business strategy implementation by group companies and manage their business activities
End of FY